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Coffee has played a substantial role in Hamburg even before the German unification. In 1871 a customs free area “Speicherstadt” was created within the Hamburg harbor to enable the tax free wholesaling of imported coffee beans. Hamburg ever since has been the European entry point for the unroasted coffee beans. The tax free area known as the “Speicherstadt” (Storage City) is used to store and wholesaling products such as coffee, tobacco, tea and spices. The Speicherstadt was completed in 1883 and kept the status of a tax free area until 2003. However, Hamburg is still the hub for coffee in Europe.


Hamburg is still the no 1 location for importing coffee beans from all over the world. The unroasted beans are delivered to wholesalers who are responsible for the blending of the beans for their customers (including all large leading coffee houses). The blending of the beans is still done in the Hamburg Harbor. According to customer recipes the beans are mixed and then delivered to customers for roasting and further processing. The wholesalers are in fact the suppliers of the unroasted Hamburg Harbor Coffee Beans which are later roasted by each customer using traditional roasting techniques, creating the finest tasting coffee such as Hamburg Harbor Mix.

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(Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala and Kenia)

The beans used for the Hamburg Harbor Mix are a blend of 100% Arabica beans from the different countries. The beans are shipped to Hamburg to be mixed according to our recipe.

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Bean Roasting

Once the blend of beans is delivered to us we roast the beans carefully to make sure we maintain the pure essences that make the unique taste of the Hamburg Harbor Mix.

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Shipping Worldwide

After the beans are roasted and packed in our aromatic sealed packaging, the coffee is shipped to the US promptly to make sure we always offer the freshest coffee possible.

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Brewing in USA

Once the beans have reached you they are ready to be enjoyed in a bean to cup machine as well as self-ground and all other coffee machines. Enjoy the rich tasting Hamburg Harbor Mix freshly brewed.

Hamburg Harbor Mix

Traditionally the Hamburg Harbor Mix was created when coffee beans were shipped in bean bags. These bags traditionally would lose a few beans when moved. The origin of the blend that is now called the Hamburg Harbor Mix were the beans that were spilled during the transport of the bags around the storage floors inside the “Speicherstadt”. These beans were collected by the workers and brewed into fresh coffee. The outcome was so delicious, the selection of these four Arabica beans was turned into a recipe that became todays Hamburg Harbor Mix.

Nowadays the Hamburg Harbor Mix is a carefully selected blend of different Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala and Kenia to recreate the great taste that was discovered in the olden days when coffee was still handled by man rather than machines. This blend was carefully roasted, creating an exquisite sweet caramel and nut aroma in every cup.

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